EDF Fixed Prices Until 2015

March 1st, 2010

EDF Energy has launched a new fixed price tariff which offers the longest fix on energy prices currently available in the UK energy market. The new Fixed Price 2015 tariff offers gas and electricity customers the security of fixed prices until the 30th June 2015.


Fixed price tariffs are currently more expensive than the cheapest online deals, but do offer the security of knowing what your fuel costs will be for the length of the fixed period and do appeal to consumers who in uncertain times like to know in advance that their energy prices will stay the same.


Customers wanting to leave the EDF Fixed Price 2015 tariff within the the first 3 years of the tariff will find some fairly large exit fees as detailed below:-

  • £100 fee per fuel, for customers who leave before June 2011
  • £75 fee per fuel, for customers who leave before June 2012
  • £50 fee per fuel, for customers who leave before June 2013.


The EDF Energy Fixed Price 2015 tariff offers a 6% discount to customers who pay by direct debit. Click here to compare all the current gas and electricity tariffs available in your area to see if an EDF Energy tariff is the cheapest for your home.

Save Money On Your Gas And Electricity Bills:

Gas and electricity prices are now going up again, with the latest price rises for some customers, of up to 10% for gas and electricity. With household budgets being squeezed, now is the right time to check you are on the best available tariff. Switching your tariff is a quick and very easy way to either reduce your gas and electricity bills, or to protect yourself against future price rises with a fixed price tariff.