EDF Energy Guarantees Winter Price Freeze

November 10th, 2010

EDF Energy has pledged to keep it’s standard gas and electricity prices for domestic energy customers at their current levels this winter. The Winter Price Freeze Guarantee will last until at least the start of March 2011 and will apply to more than 90% of EDF Energy’s customer accounts.


Energy Prize FreezeThe price freeze will be warmly welcomed by EDF Energy’s customers who saw rival gas and electricity supplier Scottish and Southern raise gas prices by 9.4% with effect from the 1st of December 2010. Analysts were expecting most other energy suppliers to follow suit and will be interested to see how the other energy companies now react to EDF’s price freeze.


Jim Poole the Director of Residential Customers for EDF Energy said: “We know these are difficult times. With people using over six times more gas in winter than in summer, any help we can provide at this time of year goes a long way. On average, EDF Energy had the cheapest standard prices during the coldest months last winter and our offers remain highly competitive. With this Winter Price Freeze Guarantee we are giving customers the good news that EDF Energy’s competitive prices will remain at their current levels throughout this winter.”


EDF Energy offer a wide arnge of EDF Tariffs and  currently offer one of the cheapest deals available on the market with their Online Saver 7 tariff which offers customers a £100 Welcome Bonus if they sign up before the 30th November 2010.

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